Sale of Matécsa Group

Sale of Matécsa Group, the leading Hungarian producer of potting soil and plant care products to Biolchim, Italy
Sell-side advisor
Sector: Consumer Products
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EBITDA (2017)
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We acted as sell-side M&A advisor to the owners of Matécsa Group, the market leading Hungarian producer of high quality potting soil and plant care products in connection with the sale of their shareholding in the company to a strategic buyer.

Matécsa produces a wide range of potting soils, fertilizers and other plant care products for hobby users in its production facility in Kecel. The Group’s most well-known brand name is Florimo. Matécsa serves more than 1,000 customers and exports its products to 6 countries in the CEE region.

Italy-based Biolchim is a global company group manufacturing innovative biostimulants and specialty fertilizers. The group has subsidiaries in several countries over the world, including Germany, Poland, Hungary, Canada, Brazil, China, New Zealand, Australia and Colombia among others. Via the acquisition, Biolchim strengthens its international coverage as well as realizes cross-selling and operational synergies.