Leading CEE M&A Advisory Firm

Invescom Corporate Finance is the longest operating independent M&A (mergers and acquisitions) advisory firm in Hungary, with direct presence in a number of countries in Central & Eastern Europe. Our typical clients are market leading locally owned medium-sized and large companies, publicly listed enterprises, multinational corporations as well as venture capital and private equity firms. During our 20 years of operation we closed more than 50 M&A transactions with an aggregate value close to EUR 1 billion .

Specialist in Cross-Border Transactions

We have broad expertise in managing international deals – major part of our closed transactions is cross-border. Since 2004, our firm is member of Global M&A Partners, one of the world’s leading partnerships of independent M&A firms focusing on the mid-market. Through our Global M&A Partners offices in 35 countries we provide our clients with access to the global investor universe. We add significant value to our customers by sharing an entrepreneurial approach (as Invescom is owned by us), while also being accustomed to work in multinational corporate business culture given our international investment banking background.

We Maximize Shareholder Value

We provide our services at international investment banking quality standards. However, it is even more important for us to maximize for our clients the shareholder value realized via company sale, acquisition or equity private placement, as the case may be, and to achieve the best possible selling (or purchase) price and optimum deal terms for them. Transaction terms negotiated by us and satisfaction of our clients are a proof of our value added.